Lorraine Dorsey – Client Accountant

Lorraine joined our bookkeeping team in 2018. She is vivacious, works hard, and adds a unique twist to our M&C family with her British accent and affinity for hot tea. She completed her education and gained most of her experience in accounting while living in Brooklyn, NY. Lorraine came to us soon after moving to Greenville with her husband, when they decided life in the south was a better pace for achieving their goals and dreams.

As an accountant, Lorraine displays her drive through a high quality and fast-paced work ethic, but outside the office, she is a fierce kickboxing contender. In her early years, you could find her vying for the top in track and field events like the 100m, 200m, and cross-country two-mile race, as well as, shot put and javelin. To say she is competitive is an understatement, but we consider her drive and motivation to be invaluable to our team.