Joe Montgomery, III., CPA – Onboarding Specialist

Joe Montgomery, III., CPAIn 2016 Joe (aka Joe 3) became a partner at Montgomery & Company, CPAs and assists in business development, client onboarding, marketing, and client relations. Joe graduated from Bob Jones University with a Bachelor of Science in accounting and obtained his CPA shortly, thereafter. Joe grew up having the inside scoop on the firm and profession giving him great insight into how to make our firm better. He started working for M&C in 2012 as a staff accountant, but his ability to think outside the box, ask significant and insightful questions and envision great things for our firm has moved him into a position as our marketing director/client relations manager. His heart for seeing clients succeed is evident in the effort he puts into all he does. Joe is married to a beautiful redhead, Alyssa has a sweet little boy, Andrew and loves his home church, Emmanuel Bible in Mauldin, SC. Joe is a leadership and entrepreneurship enthusiast, an artist and creator, and has flipped two homes. He doesn’t relax…much.