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People Matter Most

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Pictured here is Montgomery & Company’s first sign, hung on the front porch of 133 Augusta Court in Greenville, SC- Mr. Montgomery’s childhood home. The living room was Joe’s first office, and there he operated the business for a few years before growth required him to take over the dining room as well. From the very beginning, Joe knew that his service to people mattered more than the location he served them from. So, while he was not known for his fancy office at first, he was known for saving his clients every possible tax dollar he could, and the company still works hard to provide this same service to their clients today.

As a college student, Joe started earning money doing taxes for fellow students. After college, he got married, worked as a staff accountant, put in several years with the Big Four, and took on the challenge of private accounting, working as a controller for a hydro-electric company. When the company asked him to relocate, Joe and Lynn didn’t want to leave Greenville, so that’s when they took a leap of faith and hung the sign on their door. Thanks to their hard work, the home business experienced double- and triple-digit growth for the first 5 years. In 1998, Joe bought a commercial building at 941 Pleasantburg Drive where he continued expanding his team. After two decades there, the company built a beautiful office and relocated once again off of Roper Mountain Road. They have a team of bookkeepers, tax experts, payroll specialists, financial planners, CFOs, and business coaches that work to maximize client success. Thirty-five years later, and the focus is still the same. People matter.


Most CPAs are known for high integrity, reducing tax burden, and keeping books straight. They do a lot of looking in the rear-view mirror, not out the windshield. Montgomery & Co does a lot to come alongside me and my team and help lead them forward.

–Joseph B.

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